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How to Locate the Policy Number of Your Auto Insurance?

The vehicle insurance policy number is one of the main documentation numbers, written on the policy

card that is issued to the policyholder. It is a unique number supplied by the insurance provider,

frequently used to identify the individual account of the automobile owner. The policy number could be

written on the policy paper, or bills of statement that have been provided by the insurance firm. It is

crucial, as it may be used to verify the premium coverage amount on the particular automobile, its expiry

date, and other key facts. Of though, it is not needed to remember the vehicle insurance policy number

by heart, it makes sense to have it available, as it might be required at any moment to retrieve facts about the policy.

When is it necessary to provide the car insurance policy number?

Listed below are the precise scenarios when it becomes vitally necessary to have your auto insurance policy number accessible with you:

After an accident: If the automobile meets with an accident, it is the obligation of the person owning the

vehicle to submit the policy number precisely to the firm, so that the claims procedure could be launched

quickly without any complications. In event of losses accruing to a third party, the appropriate terms under the Third party coverage shall be triggered.

During regular inspections by the police: The Dubai Police has frequently provided directions to drivers to

maintain their vehicle wheels and other components, in order to prevent any unneeded on road issues.

Police patrols are deployed over the road network, in order to avoid accidents, and during the inspections, the auto insurance policy number could also be required.

Selling off the automobile: In case the car owner has chosen to do away with their car, and has negotiated with another individual who is prepared to acquire it on a second hand basis, the car insurance policy

number will be necessary in the transaction. The potential buyer may wish to examine the auto insurance

policy number for themselves, while making the selection. It would affect their selection, as they would

know for sure about whether they need to pay overhead expenditures over and beyond the purchase value.

How to Verify the Number on Your Auto Insurance Policy

The policyholder could have lost the vehicle insurance policy number, or they can feel the need to verify

the validity of the same at any given moment. Alternatively, they may desire to verify other facts of the

insurance provider, such as the date on which the policy is scheduled to be renewed, so that it is not

missed. Following are the strategies to rapidly check vehicle insurance policy number.

policy statement

  • The easiest approach to obtain your auto insurance policy number is by reviewing the policy booklet
  • given by the insurance provider. The automobile owner should make sure that they have a hard copy kept
  • in a secure location, along with a soft copy ideally in their email. Additionally, the owner may also make a
  • note of the auto insurance policy number given on the policy page separately in a notebook just to be sure.

Official insurance company website

The firm, whose automobile insurance you would have subscribed to, is most likely to have a dedicated

webpage which may aid you in learning your policy number. In order to obtain the number, the user will

be needed to fill in a few basic facts, such as the registration number of the automobile, name and phone

number. Most organizations now have dedicated mobile applications, and inputting the essential

information there is adequate to get details of the policy number as recorded on corporate rolls.

Telephonic Assistance

In case the consumer did not acquire their insurance online, or are unable to physically visit the premises of the insurance proveider, they may make a brief call to the motor insurance business over their legally

declared phone ID. The customer care hotline is geared to aiding the automobile owner who has any

concerns about their insurance number, or the features and services that they are entitled to. They may

utilize the customer service number to not only validate the policy number, but also to explain the state

of the policy, pending dates for policy renewal, and extra offers etc.

Visit the branch of the insurance provider

A easy technique to verify auto insurance policy number is by paying a visit to the insurance provider’s

office. The customer service professionals would not want more than a few particular facts regarding the

automobile model, purchase date etc. If these are authenticated without trouble, the executives will

quickly offer the automobile owner with the car insurance policy number.

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