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Top 7 Senior Citizen Driving Tips

Sometimes, accidents may happen even while you are focused that is why it is always preferable to

acquire comprehensive car insurance with personal accident protection, and covering for damages made

to the covered vehicle. However, if you are on a budget, you may go for simple third-party insurance as

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If you’re merely seeking for some driving guidelines for older individuals, then read on.

Get a physical evaluation

It is no secret that driving demands attention and adaptability. You must steer the wheel at the proper

moment, activating the complete musculoskeletal system. With ageing, the body experiences tremendous

wear and tear. The joints get weaker and muscular soreness begins to set in. Staying physically active is

vital as it not only enhances strength but makes driving safer in the long term.

Before taking the wheel, it is advised to have a fitness test done. Get a vision and hearing exam since

these skills tend to diminish with age. It is exceedingly unsafe to drive with age-related visual issues such astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and loss of hearing.

A driving advice for older persons is to frequently contact the doctor, and test vision and hearing

capabilities. Also, avoid driving after nightfall, and always keep a safe distance from the other cars when driving.

Before you drive, check the weather.

An essential driving advice for older folks is to drive according to the weather. In the rainy season, the

roads are wet, leading the car to slide. Driving during sandstorms also severely affects visibility. It is advised that elders should drive when it is sunny and clear.

Additionally, elders should preferably travel on familiar routes, as they are more comfortable to manage and less stressful.

Constantly enhance driving skills

Another suggestion that assures the safety of the elders and other drivers on road is to continually refresh

their driving abilities. The traffic rules in the UAE regularly undergo significant modifications, making it vital to contact expert drivers to boost driving skills.

Senior folks might invest in any of the refresher courses offered in the local groups or any of the

community education initiatives. Specially created for elderly folks, these courses keep them current, providing them added confidence to drive on the highways.

Avoid driving in crowded areas.

Driving in congested regions may stress individuals out, as the room to control cars becomes smaller.

Crowded roadways may particularly unnerve older individuals, and in locations with a lot of walkers, bicyclists, and other vehicles.

A driving advice for older folks is to avoid pulling out the car in such instances and opt for travel in public transit to limit the risk of accidents or injury.

Plan the travel in advance

To limit the danger of driving older persons, they should plan their trip. Check the maps to get acquainted

with the routes and/or exits to the location. Planning the route lowers distractions and stress. Another

driving suggestion for older adults is to avoid listening to loud music, checking mobile phones, or munching, particularly when driving on new routes.

Get adequate sleep before driving

Any well-rested individual is going to have higher attention and concentration. Senior folks should ensure

that they obtain adequate and quality sleep, particularly the night before driving a car. While any

insurance plan from Policybazaar gives all support in case of any mishaps, it is always best to be

prepared. Seniors should attempt to obtain between eight to nine hours of sleep.

Use assistance if necessary

To promote road safety, older persons are advised to utilize assistance when driving. Tools like hearing

aids, lumbar support, coccyx cushions, panoramic mirrors and goggles promote comfort and attentiveness, minimizing the risks of accidents.

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